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Binaural Beats - 528hz Music to Calm You

Someone recently introduced me to Binary Beat (528hz).  I am now addicted.  In a good way.  You can find them on YouTube, Spotify, or likely any music app.

It is a low frequency sound/music you have likely heard before as background for a meditation or during a massage.  It is soothing and calming.  There are variations and different artist create different sounds.  They are usually fairly long in length, some going 30 minutest to 2 hours long.

Different sounds are used for different reason.  Some claim to have healing ability, some claim to help with sleep or anxiety.  They are meant to be listened to with headphones as the sounds will come out slightly different on each side creating a distinct effect on the brain.  They affect brainwave activity in short.  There are much more scientific articles out there if you want to learn the science behind them.

Regardless of the claims and whether at this low frequency it actually does what they claim, I know it is soothing and calms me.

I suggest to anyone wanting background soothing, calm music to give it a try.  Or if you are struggling with sleep, this could not hurt to give it a try. 

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