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Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

Do you feel like you are always not reaching the goals you have been dreaming about?  Through the Life Coaching Session we focus on guiding you to becoming the best you and achieving what you have been wanting and searching for.


This package is a total of 3 sessions.  Including the following:  one and a half hour "jump start" session, two additional 50-minute sessions, all forms and worksheets.  This is best for a single issue or goal.  (All sessions should be completed within six weeks).  Cost per session comes to $100 value.

Life Coaching Package One

1 hr 30 min.



50 minutes life coaching session.  Dip your toes in. Join Kelly for a 50 minute life coach session to get started on your journey. 

Life Coaching Session

1 hr


Call or Text to Schedule 

(714) 679-2191

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