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Thoughtful Logic Based Approach

Help for Your Life

View of Meditation Garden
Three Horses
Girl and Horse

Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

Do you feel like you are always not reaching the goals you have been dreaming about?  Through the Life Coaching Session we focus on guiding you to becoming the best you and achieving what you have been wanting and searching for.

Equine Assisted Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

The beauty of the horse, the inspiration of the horse, the intuitive nature of the horse all guide you with self discovery.  During that journey we work on what is holding you back from reaching those goals that you have set for yourself and not been able to obtain on your own.

Horse Reiki

Relaxing Your Horse

This service is for the horse owner who would like to give this gift to their horse.  Reiki is the healing energy practice that uses hands on to assist those horses that could use some assistance with relaxation and mystic healing. This is to be used in addition to modern medicine when needed.

Online Life Coaching Session

For the busy or distant client

This service is the same as the Life Coaching Session, however it is online through Zoom to allow for individuals who are further away to have access to this service or for those who have busy lives who cannot take more than an hour to meet.

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