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Thoughtful Logic Based Approach

Help for Your Life

View of Meditation Garden

Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

At Bella Vida Coaching, we specialize in providing personalized coaching services tailored to meet your unique goals. We are dedicated to empowering you with the skills, tools, and confidence needed to reach your full potential. We believe in fostering a supportive and collaborative environment that encourages growth and development. Whether you're looking to enhance your professional skills, improve personal relationships, or embark on a journey of self-discovery, our coaching services are designed to guide you every step of the way. Let us help you turn your dreams into reality.

Three Horses

Equine Assisted Coaching

Guidance & Inspiration

Life coaching with Equine-assisted activities (EAA) offers a unique approach to personal growth and self-discovery. The interaction with horses during these sessions provides a dynamic platform for individuals to confront their obstacles and uncover hidden strengths. Horses, being highly intuitive creatures, reflect our emotions and actions, thereby facilitating a deeper understanding of oneself. This form of life coaching can lead to profound insights and lasting changes, enhancing self-esteem, communication skills, and emotional well-being.

Girl and Horse

Horse Reiki

Relaxing Your Horse

Reiki, a form of energy healing, has been found to be beneficial not just for humans, but for animals like horses as well. When applied to horses, Reiki serves as a non-invasive therapeutic method that aids in physical healing, emotional wellbeing, and overall balance. This gentle practice involves the Reiki practitioner placing their hands lightly on or just above the horse to transfer healing energy. Through this process, stress and tension can be alleviated, leading to enhanced relaxation and calmness in the horse, and potentially facilitating a faster recovery from injuries.


Online Life Coaching Session

For the busy or distant client

This service is the same as the Life Coaching Session, however it is online through Zoom to allow for individuals who are further away to have access to this service or for those who have busy lives who cannot take more than an hour to meet.

Studying at Home

Relationship Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life

Our Relationship Coaching program is designed to empower individuals and couples in crafting satisfying, enduring relationships. We believe that healthy relationships are the cornerstone of personal happiness and well-being. Whether you are single and looking for the right partner, or in a relationship seeking to deepen your connection and overcome obstacles, our experienced coach provide tailored guidance. We focus on fostering open communication, mutual understanding, and shared growth to help you create a relationship that thrives. Our commitment is to walk with you, providing the tools and strategies you need to navigate your relationship journey successfully.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Session

Relaxation & Healing

Reiki is for those looking for a sanctuary where you can reconnect with your inner peace through the power of Reiki energy. Our certified practitioner utilize this ancient Japanese healing technique to channel life force energy, promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and encouraging emotional healing. Whether you're new to Reiki or a regular client, we're dedicated to facilitating a unique journey towards balance and well-being that resonates with your individual needs. Explore our services, learn more about Reiki, and start your journey with us towards holistic health and harmony.
Reiki is done in a quiet room, with the client fully dressed, and the Reiki master will explain everything they are doing during the session.  Most people fund it very relaxing.

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