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3 Things to Remember During Difficult Times

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

During times of struggle, often people think that there is never going to be an end to their suffering.  It becomes a self fulfilling thought process because our minds are so powerful.  If you believe that your struggles will not end, you will be correct, they will not.  The following are three things to remember during difficult times.

 It Is Only Temporary:  Whatever your situation, it is temporary.  Life is fluid and ever-changing.  Nothing is permanent.  Not even life itself.  Believing that your situation will change will help it to change.  Knowing it will change will give you the strength to continue on your path because you will know there is something better coming for you.
Your Thoughts Are Your Actions:  Thinking positive is not just a catch phrase.  It is true that you attract what you think about.  If you are consumed with your difficulties, you will stay locked in them.  If you focus your thoughts to a brighter future, that future will start to emerge for your faster.  Doors will open, opportunities will appear, good news will come to you.  You have to start believing it and seeing it.
Get Help:  We all want to be self-sufficient and stand on our own.  Not every problem can be worked out alone.  Often we wait too long to ask for help from others.  We then get lost in our own problem and feel there is no way out.  Often the solution to our difficulties is simple by reaching out a hand for another to help support us and guide us.  Do not be afraid to ask for help at difficult times.

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