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Why Horses?

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Often when I talk to people about equine assisted coaching, I get a blank look back.  Then the follow up is usually something along the lines of “why horses?”  or “what do the horses do?”  Funny but I some times stumble answering.  Because to me the answer comes so easily.

Horses are a natural partner to both coaching and therapy.  Because they can help reflect virtually instantly what is going on inside someone.  They act as metaphors for someone’s life and struggles they may be experiencing.  But they also have an innate ability to just simplify the truth.  

A horse has to rely in the natural world on the herd.  The horse has to depend on those around it being honest and open about what is going on.  When a horse senses that is not happening they react.  That reaction is what is so telling in an equine assisted coaching session.  A person who is not being truthful with themselves, or with others has to face a 1000 pound animal who knows better.

The horse can also reach inside the soul of a person and just connect to something deep and meaningful.  Spending time with them can be so moving to clients that they share they were brought to tears and experienced deep healing.  

Time with the horses in a session is different things to different people.  But it is always about connection of some kind with a majestic and beautiful animal.

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